Join our upcoming workshop across APAC.
Join our upcoming workshop across APAC.
Join our upcoming workshop across APAC.

AI is all the rage

let us make it work for you

At Pathfindr we create and roll out AI solutions that fit your business perfectly - whatever state you're in. From smart insights to smooth integration, we're here to help you make the most of AI.
Learn about AI
Find where it'll make the biggest impact
Start executing
Centred Around People
You'll have solutions your staff will love as they work with AI every day
Cutting-Edge Technology
You'll have the latest AI tools in every solution and in our consulting approach
The world's top AI Engineers
You'll have access to the best AI engineers through our partnerships in Silicon Valley

AI That Makes a Measurable Difference

With our AI-enabled consulting approach, we'll discover all the pockets of opportunity where it'll make the biggest impact.
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AI Education
Board and executive education series
AI Solutions & Delivery
Solutions for 30+ common business problems
AI Strategy and Consulting
Find where AI will make the biggest impact
Data & System Automation
Designs for  AI-enabled employee workflows

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Not sure where to start?
Our Spark Program is for you.

Within a few days we'll identify 20+ areas where AI can help
Marketing & Sales
Project Management
95%+ gains in selected processes

We deliver with Industry Leaders


Answers to some of
your burning questions

Understand how Pathfindr works, change the way you run your business
What makes you different?

We are so easy to work with.

And we are AI specialists who use the tech both in the solutions we deliver and in the way we deliver them. You get better results, faster.

We've only partnered with the best talent, solution and platform companies globally to give you access to the best talent around the world - but with a local focus on delivery.

How do you price your contracts?

We prefer pricing fixed-price or value-based deals, where we are only paid on the impact we create.

What is your delivery methodology?

We know that the best way to make a measurable difference is to put a working prototype into the end user's hands as quickly as possible, and improve it based on their feedback.

Our goal is to build a pilot solution within less than a week from starting an engagement. We use AI in our consulting approach to make this happen, automating the majority of the process from gathering requirements through to building wireframes.

How do you manage change?

We've believe that AI is going to transform the way that work is done in every industry, and we know that an employee's experience using the technology can be the difference between their - and their company's - success or failure.

That's why we provide AI Experience Designers to create the employee experience of the future, enabled by intuitive design users love.

Our change approach involves bringing users on the journey, and helping them all the way through delivery and ongoing support across mulitple channels

Let’s help you run a better business.

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